Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SEMF gets presidency in REMA!

Hello friends,

From now on SEMF has a presidency post in a European cultural organization. Until April of 2013 I will be a chairman of REMA, the European Early Music Network. 

This is very nice for us, but also an important thing for Sweden´s cultural sector and early music life. We need to be more involved in what's happening in Europe, and Europeans might perhaps gain something from Swedish diplomacy and structured thinking... There are many areas where early music can play a stronger part, in everyday life, in the health sector, in PR - everywhere imaginable, really. It is also important in the current economic political climate to make a stand for the role of culture in society  in Europe. My hope is that my coming year will be full of positive energy for REMA and for early music.

Best regards,
Peter Pontvik, producer and artistic director of SEMF.