Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's get started!

Now it is time to say a big HELLO to the all of the blogger society, our old friends and hopefully lots of new friends!
Writing the first blog post is very thrilling, I should admit. What is even more thrilling is the fantastical meaning of such an event! We are promoting early music, music that comes to us through centuries, by using modern social media tools! How great is that?!

SEMF is the largest and brightest early music festival in Sweden with 10 years of experience and a large amount of local and international audience, world-renowned performers as our guests. Nevertheless, we are striving to reach even higher points and thinking outside of the box in order to turn early music into a lively part of today!

Here we will write about all that is going on in between the festival seasons (we are an "early summer" festival and SEMF 2012 is scheduled for 6-10th of June) and, when the time comes closer, about our amazing everyday festival routine!
From now on, everyone is WELCOME to join the world of early music with Stockholm Early Music Festival!

Med vänlig hälsningar/ With best wishes,
The SEMF team :).

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