Monday, February 13, 2012

Time for more night music

SEMF is getting ready to launch the spring season 2012 with the concert series Early Music LIVE!

After the Christmas Edition's much appreciated Early Late Night Concert, this spring's series presents three cozy concerts with a nocturnal touch. Once again the audience will have the opportunity of leaning comfortably back on a mattress or in a sofa with live early music right next to them!

The concerts will take place in the Clara Schumann hall at Musikaliska on 3 March, 7 April, and 5 May. Brilliant violinist Ann Wallström with friends offer music by Marais and Buxtehude on 66 vibrating strings, vocal ensemble Purifive performs ravishing renaissance polyphony, and recorder quartet Woodpeckers plays Bach in snooze mode.

Looking forward to continuing the Early Late Night Concert adventure and hoping to see you there!
/the SEMF team

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